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Speaker Buzz - HP Spectre 360 [ Solution ]

Problem : I have an HP Spectre 360 that I purchased about a week ago. I've had some problems with the audio. Whenever I play music or a video that registers high notes, I get a very loud and terrible buzzing sound out of the audio. I used both Windows (I have 10) and HP's troubleshooting software and I tried every single thing in the list, everything I could with audio drivers and BIOS options and restarts and tests everything else. I've speant about 4 hours trying things to fix it and nothing has worked yet. It seems most of the stuff I looked at was troubleshooting for no sound at all. I have sound but it buzzes a lot. If I reduce the volume to 60% or so, it might go away but I don't want to have to do that. I was thinking these Bang and Olufsen speakers were supposed to be pretty good. I don't know if this is a hardware issue and I need to use my warranty or if maybe there is something I haven't tried yet.

Solution : Try using headphones, the problems might goes away. If you can play the music much louder with headphones and no buzz at all then its the issue with laptop speaker. You need to replace it. If it is within the warranty period, contact HP.

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